NFL Playoff Predictions 2014

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This week I’m going to do something different, and make my playoff predictions for the soon-to-be year of 2014 (courtesy of romef).

This season has been very exhilarating, filled with both exciting and boring moments. Last years great teams have fallen, and new ones have risen. Unexpectedly, some of the worst teams of 2012 are some of the best. The underdogs have prevailed, and the favorites have fallen. But yet, there will be some tough match ups to come. Now as this season draws close to the end, I will be displaying my predictions for the oncoming playoff season.

Here is the NFL playoff picture as of week 15:

AFC Seed No. Team Record
1 Denver Broncos 11-2
2 New England Patriots 10-3
3 Cincinnati Bengals 9-4
4 Indianapolis Colts 8-5
5 Kansas City Chiefs 10-3
6 Baltimore Ravens 7-6
NFC Seed No. Team Record
1 Seattle Seahawks 11-2
2 New Orleans Saints 10-3
3 Philadelphia Eagles 8-5
4 Detroit Lions 7-6
5 Carolina Panthers 9-4
6 San Francisco 49ers 9-4


The teams at the top of the list are the first seed, meaning that if they continue to play as they have and clinch that spot (meaning it is their spot, and no one else can move up and take it), they will have a round 1 bye in the playoffs, and will not have to play yet.  The chart below this is are the teams who are either still “in the hunt” (teams still viable for the wildcard), or teams that are at the top of the wild card and will probably make it. If you make the wild card, you are of lowest proreity, and you must play in round 1 of the playoffs to make it farther on. The wildcard is for teams who have not clinched the bye, but are still eligable for the playoffs.

Wildcard standings as of 2013
AFC Wild Card W L
Kansas City Chiefs 10 3
Baltimore Ravens 7 6
Miami Dolphins 7 6
San Diego Chargers 6 7
New York Jets 6 7
Tennessee Titans 5 8
Pittsburgh Steelers 5 8
NFC Wild Card W L
Carolina Panthers 9 4
San Francisco 49ers 9 4
Arizona Cardinals 8 5
Chicago Bears 7 6
Dallas Cowboys 7 6

Now I will be going on to predict what will happen in the playoffs, assuming this data will be the data that will lead into the playoffs.

AFC Wildcard Round

(6) Baltimore vs (3) Cincinnati. Cincinnati wins, goes on to play (1) Denver.

(5) Kansas City vs (4) Indianapolis. Indianapolis wins, goes to play (2) New England.

AFC Divisional Round

(3) Cincinnati vs (1) Denver. Denver wins, goes on to play (4) Indianpolis.

(4) Indianapolis vs (2) New England. Indianapolis wins, goes on to play (1) Denver.

AFC Championship Game

(4) Indianapolis vs (1) Denver. Denver wins, goes to Superbowl.

NFC Wildcard Round

(6) San Francisco vs (3) Philadephia. San Fran wins, goes on to play (1) Seattle.

(5) Carolina vs (4) Detroit. Detroit wins, goes on to play (2) New Orleans.

NFC Divisional Round

(6) San Fransisco vs (1) Seattle. Seattle wins, goes to play new Orleans.

(4) Detroit vs (2) New Orleans. New Orleans wins, goes to play Seattle.

NFC Championship Game

(2) New Orleans vs (1) Seattle. New Orleans wins, goes to Superbowl.

After all these games have gone by, and there are 2 teams left, they head on to the Superbowl. The winner of the Superbowl wins it all, leaving all the other teams with nothing.


Denver vs New Orleans.

Denver – 28

New Orleans – 31

New Orleans wins Superbowl!


2 thoughts on “NFL Playoff Predictions 2014

    • Of course. The lowest seed plays the highest. For example, the Broncos, who are the first seed, will play the lowest seed, the Chargers (number 6 seed). Same with the NFC: the Seahawks (1), will play the Saints (6).

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